The fight against Democrat voter fraud in Texas continues

Kyle Foley:
In Texas, the battle to end voter fraud hit another roadblock as the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed previous rulings that the voter ID law passed in 2011 violated the Voting Rights Act.
For the left, it is quite possible that this battle is driven by a desire to use voter fraud to their advantage. The alternative is that they wish to continue placing minorities in a subclass of their own, claiming that they are unable to produce simple documents or go through the effort to get an ID. It is a concept that is not difficult, but when Democrats constantly tell people "you are too stupid to do this", they may just start to believe it.

Regardless, this case is far from over. The ID laws are still in place in Texas as the case has been sent back down to a lower court. It is quite possible that this case makes it all the way to the Supreme Court, where the ultimate decision would be made. Only time will tell, but until then one can only hope that Texas and other states will continue to fight back against voter fraud.
The Democrats are making this fight because there is a portion of the party that is willing to cheat to win elections.  Virtually all the voter fraud cases in Texas involve Democrats in Democrat majority districts.   They involve everything from bogus voter registrations where vacant lots are given as an address to actual vote buying schemes and in one case where dope was used as an inducement to vote for their favored candidate.  Most of these races involve Democrat on Democrat cheating.


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