Ted Cruz still the most fearless politician in US--Trump supporters boo voting their conscience

Leon Wolf:
Last night, Ted Cruz proved a lot of things about himself and about the things he believed. But the most important thing he proved was about Donald Trump's supporters: he proved that they are more interested in settling perceived grievances with the Republican party than they are in actually winning the White House.

Here's how I know: Mike Pence gave a speech last night. Pence is the party's Vice Presidential nominee. The success of his speech is a big deal to the success of the party's ticket in November. It's important for Pence's speech to make a big splash and a big impression on the population. Much, much more important than whether or not Ted Cruz endorsed him or not.

And yet, if you check social media and in the news, the Trump supporters might as well have not even seen Mike Pence's speech. None of them are talking about it. None of them are the slightest bit interested in what Pence brings to the ticket or his vision for America. On the other hand, they are hopping mad and incessantly bitching about Ted Cruz not endorsing Trump - in spite of the fact that the first words out of Cruz's mouth were congratulating Donald Trump for his victory, and in spite of the fact that he did not say a single negative word about Trump, and additionally in spite of the fact that he encouraged people not to stay home in November.

Let's be clear about something: contrary to what a bunch of ill-informed Trump supporting idiots are saying on Twitter, Cruz's speech - including the absence of an explicit endorsement of Trump - was pre-cleared by both the RNC and Trump. his speech, including the non-endorsement of Trump, was not a surprise to the RNC or Trump in any way. Even Donald Trump himself admitted this on Twitter, and for once Trump's twitter is not full of crap. I began to hear reports in the afternoon that Cruz told the RNC that he would not endorse Trump, and that the RNC was exerting a lot of pressure on him to change his mind, but that he firmly told them that he would not. He said he would congratulate Donald Trump, would avoid saying anything negative about Trump, and talk about the principles he stood for. The RNC and Trump both agreed to let him proceed with the speech as is. So the idea that Cruz sprung this on them as some sort of surprise is absolute BS.

Another piece of BS that has been circulated by the RNC to throw dirt on Ted Cruz is that he gave different remarks on stage than the prepared ones he submitted to the RNC for review. Unfortunately, the RNC screwed themselves on this score by sending to media organization prepared copies of Ted Cruz remarks which show that Cruz said exactly what his prepared remarks indicated.
Because Trump knew Cruz was not going to kiss his ring or anything else, Trump organized the booing and the demands for an endorsement.  It si more than ironic that the guy who had already backed out of his pledge to support the nominee is whining about others who want support him.

Then there is the ridiculousness of booing telling people to vote their conscience.  To boo that, they must fear that many people's conscence will not allow them to vote for Trump.  But if that were the case, a Cruz endorsement would not change their vote anyway.

As someone who is not a Trump supporter, one of the more off-putting things about his campaign is the nastiness of some of his supporters who think they can insult people into supporting him.  Their reaction to Cruz's speech shows they have not changed.  They are just sore winners now.

Trump and his supporters earned the rejection.  Those who do not like Cruz say it will hurt him politically.  I think Cruz was saying that he would be there to pick up the pieces if they fail in November.


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