Sudden jihad syndrome puzzles some

NY Times:

In the Age of ISIS, Reimagining Who Is a Terrorist

Instances of wanton violence have been swiftly judged to be the work of terrorists, even when there is little evidence of direct ties to terrorist groups.
The puzzlement  probably stems from the ISIL practice of crowdsourcing its attacks in many instances.  The San Bernardino terrorist and the Orlando terrorists fit that pattern as does the Nice terrorist.  In the case of Nice, it appears that the  Muslim terrorists came into a windfall of over a hundred thousand dollars which he sent in cash to his family in Tunisia.    

It could be argued that he got his windfall for his family and was persuaded that he would be absolved of his sinful life if he died in a mass murder for Allah attack.  This is not that outlandish a theory.  Intelligence reports that 80 percent of the material on captured ISIL computers is porn.  Those guys are practicing for paradise and their 72 virgins.


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