Police need to meet the threat posed by militant anti cop actors

Now, in the aftermath of the snipers’ assault that left five Dallas officers dead, police chiefs fearful of copycat attacks have ordered their men and women to wear more protective gear, deploy in teams and carry rifles.

“It could take some of the political steam out of current arguments that police ought to give up protective gear and militarized weapons,” Michael S. Scott, a former Lauderhill, Florida, police chief who heads Arizona State University’s Center for Problem-Oriented Policing, told McClatchy.

Marjorie Cohn, a professor at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, expressed concern that the Dallas shootings could prompt law enforcement agencies to more often use their military equipment, including drones and tanks.

“Instead of moving toward community-based policing and citizens police-review boards to defuse volatile situations, law enforcement is likely to become more militaristic,” she said. “This will exacerbate racial tensions and lead to even more violence.”

Community policing is an approach that urges close working relationships between police officers and local leaders, business owners and area residents.
The problem with this analysis is that the Black Lives  Matter  movement is actually a rebellion against community policing.   It has forced police in many cities to pull back and has led to a significant increase in crime, and especially the black on black murder rate.

What was needed in Dallas is not tanks, but MRAP's and up-armored Humvees to protect the police as they went after the sniper who ambushed them.


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