Obama makes war more likely by dropping the deterrent effect of nuclear weapons

Bill Gertz:
White House plans for a radical shift in U.S. nuclear policy came under fire from the military leaders who voiced concerns to Congress on Thursday about adopting a so-called no-first-use weapons policy.

Strategic Command chief Adm. Cecil Haney warned that the policy shift could undermine global stability in deterring growing nuclear threats posed by Russia, China, and North Korea.

President Obama is considering adopting the no-first-use nuclear policy along with several other disarmament measures in his final months in office.

Asked about no-first-use, which was rejected in the Pentagon’s 2010 Nuclear Posture Review and subsequent 2013 implementing guidance for nuclear arms, Haney said the threat environment is not conducive to a new declaratory policy.

“We know the current policy has served us well over many years and if there’s some movement to change that, it would require some scrutiny to make sure we’re not going to impact strategic stability at large by such a move,” Haney said.

“We need to be very careful given the directions and the developments we see around the world, that we do everything in our power to maintain strategic stability,” he added during a hearing of the House Armed Services subcommittee on strategic forces.
This is not smart.  Obama has already cut the non-nuclear forces to the bone and the no first use policy would make them cannon fodder for large armies like those in Russia and China should they have to repel aggression.  It is the same bad policy the Democrats were pushing in the Cold War.


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