Not an act of love--Illegal accused of killing 3 at pot farm

Daily Mail:

Illegal immigrant, 29, who 'murdered three and critically injured another' at an Oregon pot farm had been deported SIX TIMES
  • Bonifacio Oseguera-Gonzalez, 29, has been charged with three murder counts related to June 27 shooting at a farm near Portland
  • He's accused of killing Ruben Rigoberto-Reyes, 60; Edmundo Amaro-Bajonero, 26; and Katie Gildersleeve, 30, of Logsden
  • A witness said he heard an argument that descended into gunfire
  • Oseguera-Gonzalez was stopped trying to make a 'getaway', police claim
  • The shooting is not linked to the legal pot-growing operation, cops said 
  • Immigration officials say he had no significant prior criminal convictions 
The proposed "Kate's Law" could have prevented these murders.   It would require mandatory minimum sentences for deportees who return to the US.  Democrats oppose it because they see illegals as potential recruits for their dependency agenda and voter registration drives.


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