Muslim terrorist in Nice sent 84,000 British pounds to his relatives in Tunisia

Daily Mail:
ISIS killer Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel sent his family £84,000 just days before his Bastille Day atrocity, his brother told MailOnline.

The Islamic fanatic persuaded friends to smuggle the bundles of cash back to his family in their hometown of Msaken, Tunisia.

Although Bouhlel had been sending small sums of money to his family, his brother admitted that they were stunned by the size of the 'fortune'.
Mohamed appears to be following the same pattern as the Muslim terrorist who committed mass murder in Orlando.   Both were considered not that religious, but it apparently does not take much association with Islam to go off on the sudden jihad syndrome.  The pattern suggests he might have had ISIL handlers who suggested the move.

Could he have gotten the money from ISIL?


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