Muslim fatalism in the face of terrorism

NY Times:

Muslims Stung by West’s Indifference to Their Losses

In recent days, jihadists have killed more than 300 people in Turkey, Bangladesh, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, and many Westerners seemed to have shown less empathy for the victims.
Many Muslims tend to look at these deaths as "God's will."  It seems to be a coping mechanism in the face of the losses.   There is also the fact that many Muslims seem to celebrate the mass murder of Westerners by Muslim terrorists which naturally leads to less empathy for their own victims.

The fact is that the terrorists are Islamic religious bigots who want to destroy anyone who does not accept their weird point of view.  This blood lust applies to Muslims as well as non-Muslims.  Ted Cruz appears to be one of the few politicians who have accurately assessed the intentions of the enemy in this regard.


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