Liberals 'bewildered' by Trump's appeal

NY Times:

For Resentful Whites, Trump Delivers Words of Resistance

Breaching boundaries on race, Donald J. Trump is voicing the bewilderment and anger of whites who feel disempowered and attracting students tired of watching their words.

Dozens of interviews suggest that the passions aroused by Mr. Trump take many forms, from earnest yet muddled rebellion to deeper bigotry.
I think his appeal is based more on class than race.  He is appealing to working class voters who feel like they have been left behind.  It is interesting that the Times  would suggest that these people are bigots.  I think many of them are rank and file labor union members who don't like trade deals.  It is typical of liberals to call their political opponents bigots while ignoring the blatant religious bigotry that motivates radical Islamist.

Trump's push back against the forces of political correctness has been surprisingly popular.  This is a rebellion against liberalism and the speech police that comes with it.

Liberals are the ones bewildered by the success of his appeal, as well as more traditional conservatives.

My personal view of Trump is that he tends to be an incoherent jerk.  He too often confuses insult for logic and argument.  He tends to alienate voters and potential supporters he needs.  When meeting with reluctant Republicans he tends to call them "losers" rather than asking what he can do to help them win.


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