Fox poll reflects dissatisfaction with Trump

Fox News:

Party unity is a trouble spot for Trump. Just 74 percent of Republicans back him over Clinton, down from 82 percent in May. For comparison, Mitt Romney lost despite garnering 93 percent support among Republicans in 2012. In addition, just over half of Republicans would prefer a different nominee (51 percent someone else vs. 48 percent Trump). And while most GOP voters describe Trump as intelligent, more than 7-in-10 feel he’s hot-headed and obnoxious. More on that later.

Eighty-three percent of Democrats support Clinton in the ballot test. That’s better than Trump does among Republicans, yet worse than the 92 percent backing President Obama received in 2012....

... only 52 percent of Republicans who want someone else to lead their party support Trump over Clinton.

Twenty-four percent of Republicans lack confidence that Trump would make the right decisions for the country. Fourteen percent of Democrats feel that way about Clinton.

"The results here aren't disastrous for Trump given the troubles he's encountered the past few weeks,” says Republican pollster Daron Shaw, who conducts the Fox News Poll along with Democratic pollster Chris Anderson. “He's within striking distance. But he absolutely must combat the growing perception that he is temperamentally unsuited and intellectually unprepared to be president."
His supporters are not helping him much with those problems.  They tend to want someone who is as angry as they are and most of the time they insult reluctant GOP voters by accusing them of wanting Hillary Clinton.  What they would really prefer is someone with more intellectual heft and someone who is more level headed.  Neither Trump or Clinton qualify for that.

The one think Trump may have going for him is that Hillary Clinton has spent heavily trying to drive up his negatives and she is still linger in the margin of error because of her own negatives which cost Trump nothing.

They are both awful candidates, and this poll reflects that.


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