Discriminating mass murderers?

NY Times:

ISIS Tempers Its  Acts of Violence in Muslim Countries

In Europe and the West, Islamic State operatives have been instructed to kill at random, but more care is seemingly taken to plan attacks in majority-Muslim nations like Bangladesh.
This is not the first time Islamic terrorist have forced victims to prove they are Muslims.  It only amplifies  their obvious religious bigotry.  That is one of the fundamental aspects of radical Islam.  In the West, they tend to see all infidels as targets of mass murder and would engage in genocide on a massive scale if they could.

It is still surprising to me how the media tends to ignore and excuse Islamic religious bigotry which is the driving force behind most terrorist attacks.  They are apparently buying into the false premise that the mass murderers having "nothing to do with Islam."  Nothing could be further from the truth.  This willful blindness by mostly liberals is getting a lot of people killed.

It is also based on the false premise that if you identify the enemy as associated with Islam it will drive other Muslims to want to become mass murderers.  That suggest a real low regard for the intelligence of Muslims.


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