Cuba's economic failure forces it to reduce its carbon footprint

NY Times:

Amid Grim Forecasts, Cubans Fear Return to Darker Times

Recent calls to cut energy usage, along with the faltering economy in Venezuela, which provides much of Cuba’s oil, have left Cubans worried about fuel shortages and blackouts.
Of course, this is what the anti-energy left has been trying to do to the US and the developed world.   It si funny how the left makes it look like a problem when Cuba is forced to do it because it bitterly clings to a failed socialist economic model.  It survived initially by being subsidized by the Soviet Union and lately has been getting help from Venezuela before that socialist system collapsed.

The Cuba government is just giving the world a preview fo what is in store if liberalism is embraced worldwide.  From climate change to socialism Cuba is the model of what they push.


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