Bangladesh terrorists prove Obama wrong again about motivation

New India Express:
DHAKA: The terrorists who massacred 20 foreigners and Bangladeshi at a popular cafe here were highly educated and most came from wealthy families, a minister said on Sunday.

"They are all highly educated young men and went to university. No one is from a madrassa," the Bangladeshi media quoted Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan as saying.

Asked why they would have become militants, The Daily Star quoted Khan as saying: "It has become a fashion."
There is a reason why I call the terrorist attacks "mass murder for Allah."  That is the mindset of the terrorists and it is based on historical precedents they find within the Koran and Islamic traditions.  Obama is a pseudo-student of Islam who ignores the part that does not fit in his world view.  He can't seem to accept the fact that there is something about this religion that drives some of its followers to commit mass murder,

The fact is that most of the terrorist from bin Laden on down are educated and not without resources.  They are not killing out of a sense of hopelessness, but in the hope that mass murder will reward them in the afterlife as well as help them achieve their goal of Islamic supremacy.  It si a movement that plans the greatest mass slaughter in the history of mankind and Obama keeps saying that it is "not an existential threat."

It is their stated intent to make it one.


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