An Israeli analysis of the failure of the coup in Turkey

Ben Yishay:
"The coup wasn't supported by the entirety of the military – a large part of the military supports Erdogan, and even went out to defend his rule. If the rebels would have captured Erdogan at the beginning, (this failure –ed) wouldn't have happened. The fact that Erdogan was able to make phone calls and send messages to the outside world and to his supporters really saved him."

"The big surprise," ben Yishai continued, "were the masses who responded to Erdogans call to confront the military. Most of the soldiers and commanders didn't want to shoot at civilians, especially when they saw huge crowds of them. Erdogan's political party has a grip on power – and when the military saw the Turkish people go out into the streets to support the president, the coup ended."
There is much more.

The army was never able to get control of the communications much less the people.  It appeared from the beginning that the coup plotters were unable to establish control.   I suspect that Erdogan will attempt to consolidate his control of the country and push his Islamist agenda even more.  This is bad news for Turkey and its allies.


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