AG unable to provide legal source for decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton

Washington Examiner:
Rep. Trey Gowdy criticized the perception of a "two-tiered justice system" that was created by the Justice Department's decision to clear Hillary Clinton of criminal wrongdoing for her mistreatment of classified information without providing a satisfactory explanation of the reasons behind the conclusion.

"This dual track, [this] different set of rules for certain people and for others, it frankly should not matter whether you are running for president or running late to a kid's ball game — the same rules should apply to everyone," Gowdy said during a hearing Tuesday before the House Judiciary Committee.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch repeatedly refused to answer Gowdy's questions about which statutes she used to conclude that Clinton had not violated the law.
She had no good answer to the question and decided the best course for her was to sit mute on the subject.


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