After getting caught, Hillary Clinton blames others for email woes

Washington Times:
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blamed her aides for bungling her emails, telling a federal court Tuesday that department employees knew she was using a secret account and they should have been the ones to police her.

Mrs. Clinton, through her lawyers, begged the court not to order her to have to testify under oath about her emails, saying she no longer has any of them and she didn’t set the system up to try to thwart open-records laws, so she has little to add to the ongoing Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

Judicial Watch, a conservative legal group that’s been pursuing Mrs. Clinton’s emails for years, has asked a federal judge to make Mrs. Clinton sit for a sworn deposition so it can get to the bottom of what happened to some 30,000 messages the former secretary refused to turn over to the government.

But David E. Kendall, Mrs. Clinton’s lawyer, said the group is grasping.

“No matter how much discovery Judicial Watch takes, the ultimate relief it seeks — production and search of SecretaryClinton’s account by either the State Department or Secretary Clinton — is impossible to obtain in this case, as Secretary Clinton does not have possession or control of the equipment that housed that account,” Mr. Kendall wrote.

Judicial Watch argues the State Department should reclaim all of Mrs. Clinton’s messages so a government employee can go through them and determine which ones are official records.
I do not believe her or her lawyer at this point.  The original setup was one of bad faith and that bad faith has been compounded by the false statements she has uttered in defense of her scheme.


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