Woman who lives behind fence protected by arms guards makes wildly inaccurate statement

Michelle Obama: 'In America we don't build walls to keep people out'

First lady delivers withering attack on Trump, without mentioning him by name, in soaring final commencement speech as first lady to City College of New York
This is the kind of thinking that passes for logic among liberal open borders backers.  It is also rubbish.  She is not the only liberal who lives behind walls designed to keep people out.  The man at the top of Facebook also pushes for open borders while living behind walls to protect him and his family.   The wealthy in this country many times live behind gated communities with armed guards to keep the illegals out.  Meanwhile, those who live on the border suffer from having an invasion through their own yards.

There is nothing wrong with controlling the borders and it makes no sense not to do so.  Saying things that are not so to make other liberals feel good about themselves is not going to win any arguments.  It is just an empty slogan.


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