Will Obama target the terrorists he is releasing from Gitmo with drone strikes?

Rowan Scarborough:
The Pentagon is boasting of the al Qaeda operatives it has killed to make America safer, yet the same type of terrorists have been transferred out of the Guantanamo prison to countries with a poor history of security, and some have ended up back on the battlefield.

The practice of killing terrorists with one hand and releasing them with the other points out the Obama administration’s mixed message as federal agencies push to evict nearly all detainees from Guantanamo Bay,Cuba.

Republicans fear that, post-election, President Obama will decree the prison closed and move the last cadre of irredeemable terrorists, such as Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, to a U.S. prison.

And conservatives are criticizing the administration’s replenishment of al Qaeda ranks with transferred detainees.

“The hypocrisy of the Obama administration knows no limit,” said retired Army officer Robert Maginnis, author of the counter-jihad book “Never Submit.” “On one hand, they boast about bagging al Qaeda bomb makers, and on the other, they are releasing known bomb makers from Gitmo.”

A House committee chairman last month accused the Obama administration of knowingly sending Gitmo terrorists to countries with lax monitoring.
Obama's Gitmo policy is one reason he is doing so poorly at managing the war against radical Islam.  Using drones rather than capturing and interrogating the enemy is like finding an enemy computer and destroying the hard drive before retrieving the information on it.  Returning the enemy to the battlefield is just not a smart way to win a war.


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