US Navy set to deploy air launched ship killer missile

National Interests:
The Navy has finished test and evaluation of a new fighter-launched weapon which will soon deploy as a new air-launched, precision-guided missile able to use a two-way data-link to identify and destroy moving targets at sea, service officials said.

Navy Director of Air Warfare, Rear Admiral DeWolfe Miller, announced that the Navy's first air-to-ground network-enabled weapon, JSOW C-1, reached initial operational capability, or IOC.

"IOC is declared for JSOW C-1 adding more lethality and accuracy to our already very capable deployed air wings around the world," said Miller.

The new technology will give fighters such as the F/A-18 Super Hornet a vastly increased attack envelope against a wider range of threats such as enemy ships, small boats and submarines on-the-move.

Called the AMG-154 Joint Standoff Weapon, or JSOW, the Raytheon-built attack bomb uses GPS technology, inertial measurement unit guidance technology and an imaging infrared seeker in the final phase of flight to find and attack enemy targets.

While historically used as a land-attack weapon launched from air-platforms such as fighter jets, new technology allows the JSOW weapon to use the LINK 16 data-link to identify and kill moving maritime targets at sea from ranges as far at 70-miles, Navy officials told Scout Warrior.
The JSOW C-1 can even change course in flight if needed, and adjust to a changing or fast-moving target, Lynn added....
There is much more.

I think this weapon has several advantages over the Chicom "carrier killer" missile which is launched from further away, thus giving the fleet time to launch defensive measures using anti missile technology.


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