Trump's strategy is to knock others off message, including the media

Washington Post:
Since securing nomination, Trump has gone off stride, off message

In the almost five weeks since he became the presumptive party pick, the candidate has put a higher premium on settling scores than finding a message with an appeal for the general election.
Trump's message is to attack all who oppose him.  That has been the key to the support he has in the polls.  The fact that he fights back when attacked is what his voters are looking for, and the polling since he locked up the nomination with a few exceptions suggest that hi message is working.  His message has always been about settling scores with those seen as creating the mess inWashington.

I am not among his supporters and for a long time I was as puzzled by their support as the media still is.  To be clear, I think he and Hillary Clinton are both deeply flawed candidates who will be a disaster if elected, but that is what we appear to be stuck with at this point.  While there is a slim chance that the DOJ which has been corrupted by Obama might do the right thing and indict Clinton that is a slender thread of hope.  That would probably be the worse thing that could happen to Trump.


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