Trump looking like a loser

Phillip Klein:
Donald Trump is getting schlonged
But now I'm looking at these polls, at this RealClearPolitics place, they're good people over there. And I'm seeing 12 polls in a row that have Trump losing by an average of 6 points. And it's not like Hillary is doing fantastic, believe me. She's only at like 44 percent, which is bad. It's like worse than that loser Romney was polling at this timef our years ago. And he was a big disappointment to us all, OK? He couldn't get the job done, and now Hillary is doing even worse than that – and remember, that Romney guy was a really big time loser. Big time. But Trump is down at 38 percent, even though everybody knows who he is. A Reuters poll — which Trump thought was doing a really great job during the primaries, by the way, he really thought they were doing a great job — they even had him down at 32 percent. Which is pathetic, to tell you the truth. Basically, he's dropping like a dog.

Trump was going to change things and win with the blacks. The blacks were supposed to love Trump because they understand how much Trump loves the blacks. He even has an African-American over here! He loves the Hispanics so much that he eats authentic Trump taco bowls (which, by the way, are really amazing, the best), and he was supposed to win them over, too. He was supposed to win women, because he's so great for women. But now I'm looking at this ABC-Washington Post poll, and I'm seeing like 94 percent of blacks and 89 percent of Hispanics have a negative view of Trump – and 77 percent of women. This is not good folks. Not. Good.
Klein does a good job of putting this in language that Trump can understand.  Trump does not seem to comprehend how the media picture has also changed in the general election.  The insults and innuendo don't get the same play when used against a Democrat that they did when used against other Republicans.   The media helped him in the primary because they thought he would be the weakest candidate to run against Hillary and now they are turning on him big time, while he is floundering around in Trump Tower rather than trying to consolidate the GOP.


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