Trump has support of some Hispanics on the Texas-Mexico border

CBS News:
"Nuestro amigo": Some Latinos see Trump as friend and ally

The Rio Grande runs through Eagle Pass, Castaneda's hometown. Mexico is right across the river.

"I live right on the border, so I am familiar with undocumented people coming through the backyard of my house and I am familiar with narcotic traffickers dumping dope next to my house and I participated in the arrest of these people. So I want a good defense along the border, too, so I can live in comfort and I can live in peace just like everybody else in this country," he said.

"I consider Mr. Trump my amigo -- nuestro amigo -- because he's trying to set a procedure that will be legally followed by those people who want to become residents."
There is much more.

This really does not surprise me.  I grew up on the border.  My Hispanic friends were patriotic Americans  who went to fight in Vietnam with me.  Most of their families have been Texans for generations.  In fact, I am more surprised at the reaction of some Hispanic politicians who push for an open borders policy.


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