There are good reasons not to support Clinton or Trump

Washington Post:
After Clinton and Trump claim victory, many voters wary of backing either

With a wild primary season coming to an end, voters turn to the ultimate choice that is ahead. But based on dozens of interviews across the country, they are having trouble getting to “yes” with either candidate.
There are many reasons to oppose both.  They are both dishonest in their own way.  Hillary Clinton lies without conscience.  She lies about things large and small.  She is an extremely poor manager.  Her handling of classified information shows a complete disregard for national security.  She did it to avoid accountability and in the process exposed the nations secrets to hackers.

She is also corrupt in what appears to be a scheme to sell the influence of her office to raise money for her and Bill Clinton.

Trump on the other hand, says one thing and only a short time later contradicts himself  and then denies there is any contradiction.  He has engaged in business practices that have resulted in some suing him for fraud.  He has sold the rights to use his name for those selling products and services.

He routinely substitutes insults for logical arguments.  He lacks rudimentary political skills that lead to embarrassing episodes like his complaints against the judge in one of the cases brought against him.

I find them both dishonest.

Many of those who are backing them are doing so to get some control over the executive branch and to influence the future of the Supreme Court.

I can understand why people do not want to vote for either of them.


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