The Trump campaign in Texas hard to find a venue

Independent on Sunday:
Donald Trump salvages Texas trip after cities turn him away, settling on smaller Dallas venue

Campaign had Texas on its itinerary one day, the next it was gone. Now it's back.

The Trump campaign was forced briefly to abandon plans for a Thursday rally in north Texas after two municipalities refused to offer suitable venues citing overcrowding and security fears.

It what could have been embarrassing set-back, the candidate found himself on the losing end of a negotation, that seemed to have been caused in part by the chaotic nature of his campaign. One of the two cities involved said it had been given only 48 hours notice to agree to a rally and it wasn’t enough.
At this point the Trump campaign appears to be poorly organized which does not reflect well on the candidate.  He had his event in smaller venues and failed to make much of a media splash.  He may have scheduled the events to coordinate with fund raising which is not going well for him.   He has failed to touch base even with many of the people who have supported Republican campaigns in the past.


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