The problem is ISIL not guns

David French:
Something has changed, and it’s not the availability of guns in the United States.

Consider the following facts: According to data from the New America Foundation’s International Security Program, from September 12, 2001, until the rise of ISIS in the late spring of 2014, jihadists killed 21 Americans in terror attacks here at home. Only three Americans died during the post-9/11 phase of the Bush administration.

Since ISIS burst on the international scene, the death toll has more than tripled. Jihadists have killed 73 American men and women in just two years. And that number would be much higher if not for the courage and bravery of local police. The list is sobering....
The numbers do not include the even higher number of deaths in Europe where countries already have the kind of gun control laws that the Democrats are pushing for.  The focus on guns is just a distraction from the incompetence of the Obama administration.  The deaths are the result of Obama's failed policies in Iraq, where his precipitous retreat led to the reformation of al Qaeda in Iraq under the new name of ISIL or the Islamic State.  Hillary Clinton also bears responsibility for this debacle.


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