The dreadful choice of 2016 between Trump and Clinton

Phillip Klein:
There's no avoiding it: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are going to be the Republican and Democratic nominees for president, foisting upon Americans the most dreadful choice for the nation's highest office in modern history.

Trump and Clinton enter their general election faceoff as the two most unpopular major party nominees in decades of available polling. Clinton, specifically, is viewed unfavorably by about 56 percent of Americans, according to an average of polls compiled by RealClearPolitics, compared with just 37 percent who view her favorably — for a net negative rating of 18 points.

In a typical election year, those numbers would be a political death sentence. But this isn't a typical year, and Trump is staring at an even worse net negative rating of 24 points. These numbers imply that come November, millions of people will be casting votes for a candidate they actively despise.

Put aside any ideological considerations about where each candidate stands on immigration, taxes, healthcare, foreign policy or any other important issues. Looking at their character and careers, both candidates, in different ways, are unsuitable for the presidency.

Clinton and Trump are dishonest people who lie comfortably and repeatedly. They are vindictive against their perceived enemies. And they both eschew transparency. These are not individuals who should be allowed to control the IRS, the DOJ, and other government agencies that can be used to harass political opponents.
Given the choice, I suspect many will not vote for either.  Both sides will only heighten thee negatives in the coming months, as they push voters to vote for their candidate because the other is worse.

The Democrats did this to themselves by rigging the nomination for Clinton.  The Trump voters are a different matter.  They channeled their anger into a terrible candidate.


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