The Clinton-Obama deal with the devil in Syria

The Obama administration supported the terrorist group that became ISIS as the group struggled to gain control of the Syria-Iraq border where ISIS now claims its caliphate, according to an intelligence report sent to Hillary Clinton.

Breitbart News reported Tuesday on a “Secret” classified intelligence report sent to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other top U.S. officials and agencies in August 2012. The report confirmed that Western and Gulf states were joining with Turkey to “support” the Syrian opposition to dictator Bashar al Assad. The report confirmed that the Syrian opposition was being led by three groups, including Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), which later became ISIS. The report confirmed that AQI was communicating through spokesman Muhammad al Adnani, who is now the chief spokesman for ISIS.

Western and Gulf states and Turkey helped these Syrian opposition groups to control the Syria-Iraq border, according to the report. ISIS later violently formed its caliphate in the areas around that border. The report noted the potential for “safe havens under international sheltering” in this region similar to the situation in Libya, where the temporary government that formed after the U.S.-aided overthrow of Muammar Gadaffi established a “command center” at Benghazi.

The intelligence report goes into detail about how the West was actively helping opposition groups including AQI to control the eastern border of Syria near the Iraqi province of Anbar and the city of Mosul, both of which eventually fell in part to al Adnani’s group the Islamic State (ISIS), which continues to fight to hold control of the territory.
This story has not gotten any traction in the mainstream media that I have noticed.  The Washington Post did comment on it in connection with its war with Trump and discounted it.
Trump says he was ‘right’ about Obama and terrorists, citing unverified intelligence

Days after revoking The Post’s credentials for saying he suggested the president was complicit in the Orlando attack, the presumptive GOP nominee tweeted that was, in fact, what he had “insinuated.”
The mainstream media is unlikely to run with stories that point out the failures of Hillary Clinton and Obama.  They are in their full blown anti Trump mode, after helping him get the nomination.

To get this story out the Trump campaign will have to use devastating ads, and it does not appear organized enough to do so at this point.  It has pretty much lost its free media advantage.


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