Socialist take direct control of food distribution in Venezuela

Venezuela is imposing a new government food redistribution system in its capital, Caracas, that requires locals to acquire food from Socialist Party members, a move triggering national outrage as anti-socialist activists say the Party will use food to coerce citizens into supporting it.

President Nicolás Maduro announced last week the creation of the Local Committees for Supply and Production (CLAP), groups of Socialist Party members who will be in charge of controlling food supplies, preventing black market sales, and door to door distributions of food. Maduro has called these groups the “great instrument of the Revolution to win the economic war,” Argentine news outlet Infobae notes. Venezuelans are currently forced to buy food through a rations system that forces them to stand on supermarket lines up to eight hours long. Often citizens find out — after they have made their way through the lines — that the supermarket in question has run out of basic goods like rice, vegetable oil, and milk.

Distributing bags of food door to door, the government hopes, will diminish the length of these lines. The bags are meant to last 21 days, according to the government but carry only 3 kilos of rice, a kilo each of sugar and milk, a bag of beans and a liter of oil.
This looks like a new vehicle for government control of people's stomachs.  It is a meager ration.  It is the ultimate dependency.


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