Socialist policies lead to 50 food riots in Venezuela

NY Times:

An economic collapse has left the country unable to produce enough food on its own or import what it needs from abroad.

In the last two weeks alone, more than 50 food riots, protests and mass lootings have erupted around Venezuela.
The command economy is in the tank.  It is further proof that socialist are not smarter than the market and their attempt to repeal the laws of supply and demand have been catastrophe.  Crime is rampant beyond the looting that is taking place.  The country is a world leader in murders despite its gun control policies that Democrats would like to emulate.

It expropriated land and gave it to farmers, then was not able to import seed for them to plant adding to the food shortage.  That is pretty typical of socialism.

Its schools are not functioning and its healthcare system is a socialist basket case.


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