Questions raised about whether Orlando shooter was 'Lone Wolf'

Hot Air:
“About five or six weeks ago, Omar Mateen came into the store and he was requesting body armor,” Abell told a group of reporters at a press conference he assembled outside his gun store Thursday afternoon. Abell’s employee grew suspicious of Mateen after a series of questions that, according to Abell, were “not normal questions about body armor.”

After being turned away on his body armor requests, Mateen then did something that should raise eyebrows and red flags at the Department of Homeland Security.
“At this time, he pulled away and got on his cell phone. When he was on the cell phone he had a conversation in a foreign language. That was more concerning. Then he came back and he was requesting ammo. He wanted bulk ammo only. At this time we declined any business and he left the store.”
You heard right. When denied the purchase of body armor, “Lone Wolf” Omar Mateen got on the phone, had a conversation in a foreign language and then started asking about purchasing large quantities of ammunition. Abell then contacted the FBI, reported everything that had occurred in his store and that was the last thing he heard until Sunday morning when he saw Mateen’s face plastered across his television.

“He slipped through the cracks,” Abell said.

So Mr. Abell’s story destroys two important narratives from the Obama Administration.

The first narrative is that Orlando was a “Lone Wolf” attack that the FBI couldn’t possibly have been detected or prevented.

Who was he talking to on the phone in a foreign language? Why did he have to consult with someone after being denied body armor? Was it someone who was advising him on his plans for a terror attack? Did his advisor then instruct him to buy bulk ammo, instead?

In his shameless push for increased restrictions on your 2nd amendment rights yesterday in Orlando, the president made that case. In fact, the “Lone Wolf” scenario was used as the entire premise to justify those proposed infringements....
There is more including video of an interview with the owner of the gun store that turned the information over to law enforcement.  The FBI should be looking through his smart phone to see who he had that conversation with.  Was it his wife or someone else?


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