Pemex gas by another name passes for 'competition' in Mexico

AP/Fuel Fix:
Mexico’s ubiquitous Pemex gas stations now have competition along the country’s highways and city streets for the first time in nearly eight decades.

Two companies have collectively opened three gas stations under their own brands, breaking one of the state-owned petroleum company’s last monopolies. Opening the retail sector to competition was part of energy reforms passed in 2014.

Mexico’s Hidrosina opened a re-branded Pemex gas station under its own name this week in Mexico City and Mexican company La Gas opened a station in Campeche and another in Merida. Both will sell Pemex gasoline.

“With the collaboration of Pemex we signed an agreement to use a different brand and test the success that may or may not work for the clientele,” said Victor Ruiz Iriarte, director of operations for Grupo Hidrosina.
Perhaps they are going to compete on service.  It appears that in Mexico you can get any gas you want for your car or truck as long as it is Pemex.


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