Looking for Trump's base

Dan Dragan:
Outside of the America of the comfortable, prosperous cocoon of the big cities, with their cosmopolitan architecture, third wave Internet job-creating revolution, free wi-fi, youthful population, fair-trade designer blue jeans and copious access to a bazillion media channels lies another America. It's the America we fly over in our hops from airport hub to hub in our flights to Cancun or the one we pass over on the highways at 75 mph on our way to the next boutique ski resort. You've heard of it but, you, cosmopolitan, cultured, urban, US-born fellow quoran, rarely visit there if at all*.
The left-behind America is angry, and it is this anger that Donald Trump is channeling. He tells this audience exactly what they need to hear, in terms that they understand. He will bring back the jobs from China, he will bomb radical Islam to the stone age, he will eject all illegal immigrants and will make America - that America, the small-town America - great again.

He is, to be sure, a demagogue and a populist, and it is possible that many fail to recognize him as such.

But Trump is the only one that addresses that anger, that speaks the words that everyone else waltzes around because they are afraid to upset this minority or that corporation or simply been brain-washed by political correctness. All his other faults pale - to his target audience's mind - compared to this fact, that he tells it straight. Mainstream politicians, on the left and on the right, they have largely ignored that anger; perhaps in part because it was their parties economic and foreign policies that are responsible for it. Bernie Sanders also channels the same anger, but he is putting it in the yoke of the socialist ideology and he never calls them bad things out by name. He blames the big corporations and the rich people for everything. Surely it can't be that simple, but 'simple' works in politics. He has success with the urban youth, that have grown lazy at the tit of big-government , corrupt and bankrupt cities like Chicago and LA. He has no pull with the Trump audience: the American spirit of independence, self reliance and pride in your work is too strong in these people: they don't want the government handouts that Bernie sells for votes. They want a chance at a decent job and an assurance that their America is not going away. The religious criteria exists but it is not as important - so that even evangelical voters that are supposed to pull for Cruz, are voting Trump.
I don't agree with everything in the piece, but it does capture some of the anger which propels the Trump campaign.  They see him as someone willing to fight even if he is inconsistent and incoherent on many issues.


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