Liberalism at the heart of the problem with the EU

NY Times:

‘Brexit’ Vote Reflects Damaged Credibility of European Union

Regardless of whether Britain leaves, experts say, the E.U. has to recognize its failings in the crises of the past decade — the tribulations of the euro, the debt standoff with Greece and a flawed approach to migration.
It has had problems large and small, and a lumbering cumbersome reaction to them.  I keep coming back to its dictates that keep's terrorist in Britain rather than allowing them to be deported.  These people put the "human rights" of terrorist ahead of the human rights of their intended victims and at great cost to the government to provide for the bad guys and their families.  I would favor deporting them to their country of origin and if they will not take them back I would parachute them into it.  It is ridiculous to require the potential victims of their plots to spend billions to support them.

There is also the subject of immigration which has been botched beyond all recognition by the EU.  It has been made worse by their failure and that of the Obama administration to take effective action in the Middle East which has led to a collapse of the Muslim culture in much of the region as well as North Africa.

For many these problems out way any economic benefits of being in the union.  As for commerce, there is no reason why they should not continue to engage in mutually beneficial commercial transactions.  If the EU does refuse, it will make the its members poorer too.


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