ISIS takes credit for terrorist attack in France which killed policeman and his spouse

The murder of two police officials by a man claiming allegiance to so-called Islamic State (IS) is "unquestionably a terrorist act", President Francois Hollande says.

A police commander and his partner, also a police official, were stabbed to death at their home near Paris. Their three-year-old son survived.

The attacker was killed in an police assault on the house.

He had previously spent time in jail over links to jihadist groups.

He had also been under recent police surveillance, including a wiretap, say media reports quoting police sources.

Two people linked to the man, named by French sources as Larossi Abballa, have been arrested and placed in custody.
Like the Orlando shooter this terrorists swore allegiance ti ISIL during the event.  Rather than using a 911 call he did it with a video.  It is more than passing strange that the FBI and the administration still say there are no ties to the terrorist group even though the shooter and ISIL say that he was.  France at least is willing to take the terrorist at his own word.


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