House will investigate the AG's pushing anti fossil fuel cases

Washington Times:
House panel turns up heat after states clam up on climate dissent probes

“In essence, you are saying if your office disagrees with whether fossil fuel companies’ scientists were conducting and using ‘the best science,’ the corporation could be held liable for fraud,” said the House committee letter.

“Not only does the possibility exist that such action could have a chilling effect on scientists performing federally funded research, but it also could infringe on the civil rights of scientists who become targets of these inquiries,” the letter said. “Your actions violate the scientists’ First Amendment rights. Congress has a duty to investigate your effort to criminalize scientific dissent.”
The AG's pushing the global warmer case against fossil fuel companies are running into a buzz saw of opposition not only from the company attorneys, but Congress and other AG's who say the case opens up global warming proponents to charges of fraud for their bogus claims on climate change and their inability to identify which of their assumptions are invalid in their models that have been consistently wrong in projecting temperature changes.


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