Hitler actually supported Muslims and their attempt to keep the Jews out of Israel

Washington Post:
‘This reminds us of the times of Hitler’: Anti-Islam politics on the rise in Europe

Muslim leaders see rising opposition to their religion in Germany as part of the same phenomenon that has turned Islam into a campaign issue in the United States, as well as much of Europe.
For many Muslims the "times of Hitler" are the good old days when the Grand Mufti conspired with Hitler to expel the Jews from Israel.  Their meeting took place as the holocaust was already decided on by Hitler and his government.

Those concerned about the anti-Islam campaign picked an inept analogy.  They should also consider the Islamic supremacy movement within Islam that seeks to destroy all who do not accept Islam.  It is much more dangerous than the anti-Islam movement in Europe.  It is, in fact, the supremacy movement that motivates much of the anti Islam mood.


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