Hillary has proven herself to be every bit as dangerous as she claims Trump is

Joe Cunningham:
More Victims of Hillary Clinton Wash Ashore In Libya

Hillary Clinton's tenure at the State Department is marred by scandal and incompetence so devastating that it makes John Kerry look like a master diplomat by comparison. Her policies and the poor execution of Barack Obama's already terrible policies have made the world more unbalanced than her general election opponent.

The Middle East in particular has seen a lot of innocent lives lost as many are killed in the violence there or die trying to flee it. Today, it's being reported that another 85 bodies have washed ashore in Libya, having no attempted to cross the Mediterranean and get to Europe....
For all of Hillary's bluster on what devastation Donald Trump will bring to international relations, at least with him, it's all maybes and could bes. With Hillary Clinton, we know for a fact that she poses a danger to not only the U.S., but the stability of the world as a whole.
What is worse is that she claims her Libyan policy was a success.  Then there is her handling of the situation in Syria and her reset with Russia.  She also claims the terrible Iran deal as a success.

The NY Post in an editorial describes her speech:
Clinton’s warnings about Trump actually describe … her


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