Hillary Clinton has no plan for improving the economy

Warner Todd Huston:
“You have said that President Obama got the country out of an economic ditch,” the Fox host began. “If you look at the polls, the average of recent polls, the right direction/wrong direction, 65% of Americans say the country is headed in the wrong direction. So what specifically would you do differently with the economy than President Obama has done?”

But, Hillary really didn’t have an answer and instead went on a minutes-long ramble that didn’t answer the question.

Hillary began trying to defend Obama instead of telling what she would do.

“Well, I think that 76 months of job creation is a good start,” Clinton insisted (and wrongly, I might add).

Baier, though, pressed on his question. “Well it’s just not different. What specifically would you do differently than the Obama administration?” Baier asked.

Then Clinton wound up into her soliloquy that had lots of words but said nothing. She talked about “big ditches” and then said Obama had a recovery. But then turned around and contradicted that by saying *not everyone* had experienced a recovery–so which is it, Hilary? Has there been a recovery or not?
I thought she was going to put Bill in charge of the economy and let him work his magic.  It seems clear that this is one reason why she does not give interviews.  She has trouble remembering her own plan, which is to let someone else handle it.

The fact is that she is not a good manager.


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