FBI closed it investigation of shooter too soon

Washington Post:
Boasted about al-Qaeda, but FBI deemed him not a threat in 2014

Omar Mateen had been placed on a terrorism watch list and was interviewed twice before a probe ended in March 2014.

His name resurfaced months later during an investigation of an American suicide bomber in Syria, and investigators, again, moved on.

The agency plans to review whether warning signs were missed.
Apparently, they also did not look into his apparent joy at the 9-11 attacks as reported by classmates at the time.  From what they did know, Mateen appears to be a terrorist sympathizer.

While some have suggested that his past visits to the gay night club and his use of gay apps suggest he might have harbored homosexual desires, it is also possible he was carefully planning his assault and casing the club for his future attack.  One of the people he contacted on a gay dating sight was a Navy veteran.  This could have been to determine what resistance he might meet in such an attack.


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