Evidence of corruption at Hillary Clinton's State Department

NY Post Editorial:
In the latest case of donors to Hillary Clinton’s personal causes winning favor from the Clinton State Department, meet Rajiv Fernando.

The head of a Chicago-based high-frequency-trading firm, Fernando got a seat on the International Security Advisory Board, a group of nuclear scientists, ex-Cabinet secretaries and other experts that looks at the risks of nuclear war.

That puzzled his new fellows: “We had no idea who he was,” one ISAB member told ABC News during its investigation.

Thanks to e-mails uncovered by the watchdog group Citizens United after a years-long Freedom of Information battle, we now know that Fernando was put on the board at the direction of Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s chief of staff at State (and now her personal attorney).

ABC actually started asking questions about Fernando back in 2011. The e-mails show regular State staffers were themselves puzzled about how he’d gotten the job — and were told by Clinton’s flunkies to “stall” on answering ABC.

Before any answer went out, Fernando quit, and the story died.
It probably helped that he was a max donor to Clinton's earlier Presidential campaign, a PAC bundler who brought in another $100,000 for the campaign and  a million dollar donor to the Clinton Foundation.  People who are bright enough to be a big donor to Clinton and her foundation are evidently bright enough for a government job they are otherwise unqualified for.


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