Democrat attack on gun ownership is not a winning issue

NY Times:

Why the Gun Debate Gives Trump an Edge

It’s a populist wedge issue with the potential to appeal to working-class Democrats while not alienating people who lean Republican.
When a terrorist engages in mass murder in this country, the first response by liberal Democrats is to disarm the law abiding citizens.  This is happening as terrorists organizations are infiltrating and recruiting Islamic terrorists in this country.  Making people defenseless is not a winning issue.

Relying on the cops in these cases usually means sending a forensic team in after the murders take place and the killer is also among the dead.  It si an after the fact remedy to the finality of death.  It is another reason why the lawfare approach to terrorism is a failure.  Prosecutions of Islamic religious bigots are not an effective deterrent.  Prosecutions of dead people are irrelevant.  The best way to stop this carnage is to attack and destroy the enemy where he lives and be ready to use armed resistance when he attacks here.


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