Cleaning up Fallujah

Washington Post:
Iraqi troops face booby traps, tunnels packed with explosives as they advance on Fallujah

Although Islamic State militants have had more than two years to build defenses around the city, Iraqi commanders say clearing the city is a priority because of its proximity to Baghdad.
The city is once more a potential pile of rubble with booby traps as it was when the Marines cleared it out earlier in the war.  ISIL is the same as its al Qaeda predecessor.  It is one more consequence of Obama's bad decision to withdraw US troops.

The BBC reports that Libyan government forces have retaken the port city of Sirte from ISIL.
Libyan forces say they have retaken control of the port in the city of Sirte, after fierce fighting with militants from so-called Islamic State.

Sirte is the most significant IS stronghold outside Iraq and Syria.

Air and missile strikes have hit IS positions this week, officials said. A spokesman said troops were moving closer to the city centre.

The forces, aligned to the UN-backed unity government in Tripoli, began the battle to retake the city last month.

A spokesman, Ahmed Hadia, told the BBC IS forces had weakened, but "not totally broken down".
It looks like a bad news day for ISIL forces where are also under attack in Syria.


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