American voters do not like their choices

Michael Barone:
As I noted earlier this week, June polls have shown Donald Trump dropping from the levels of early May, when he was at parity with Hillary Clinton, but they have not shown Clinton rising. Indeed, in head-to-head pairings Trump is at his lowest level since mid-August 2015, while Clinton is also at her lowest levels since polls began testing her against Trump. Familiarity is breeding something other than contentment.

In other words, although Trump is tanking, Clinton is not flying high. This, together with the majority unfavorable ratings both candidates receive in poll after poll, suggests there is considerable resistance to both parties' presumptive presidential nominees.

... Some pollsters are now asking voters to select from three or four candidates, Clinton, Trump, Libertarian Gary Johnson and, sometimes, the Green party's Jill Stein. In the three-way pairings, with one exception, fewer than 80 percent and as few as 68 percent are choosing the major party candidates.
Even given four choices I find little to like in the group.  I find Clinton and Trump dishonest on many levels.  The Green party is made up of the anti energy left that wants to keep energy in the ground and drive up the cost of living especially harming the poor.  I question whether the libertarians have any interest in defending the country at a time of war.  

The Democrats got their candidate by rigging the system.  The Republicans got theirs by splitting the votes in a large field.


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