Aggression through intercepts of US spy planes

NY Post Editorial:

Obama needs to make Russia, China stop playing ‘chicken’ with US planes

Beijing is conducting a long-term campaign to seize control of the South China Sea, a plan that also involves the creation of artificial islands that it then packs with military assets.

Moscow, meanwhile, is out to assert dominance in the Baltic — intimidating Norway and Sweden as well as Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Team Obama’s non-response to the Russian provocations probably encouraged China to give it a whirl.

If the White House similarly ignores the latest provocations, expect the likes of Iran or North Korea to be next. And their pilots are a lot less expert — boosting the odds of a fatal collision.
Obama's aversion to drama, has been interpreted by adversaries as a sign of weakness that they are exploiting and it is making this a much more dangerous world for everyone.


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