What is driving the toilet tyranny on the left?

Kim Holmes:
There are all sorts of reasons why it's a bad idea to let men in women's bathrooms, but what interests me in the bathroom wars is the larger context of the fight. It reveals how aggressive the progressive Left has become in the culture wars. The cultural Left, which for decades has been pushing sexual revolution as the avant-garde of a larger crusade against traditional morality, is losing its liberal mind. Sensing victory, it is starting to show its ugly illiberal teeth. It's not good enough merely to accommodate transgender people while respecting the rights of others. That would be the traditional "liberal" solution. No, they must press their agenda with obnoxious boycotts, draconian court rulings and by rewriting the laws to force their views on everyone else.

Tolerance is not enough. They demand complete and utter conformity to their point of view.

Why so authoritarian? The higher aim of progressive liberalism today is to deconstruct traditional morality, especially as it pertains to the family, marriage and sexual relations. That's a pretty tall order, and it is not for the faint of heart. Everything including marriage and the family must be redefined, and what better way to do that than to thrust the question of gender identity into the heart of what it means to be a "tolerant" person.

On the surface it all looks to be about expanding the frontiers of freedom — of merely letting people be themselves. But it's not. The only way to enforce the new "tolerance" is not only to deny other people their rights — the rights of women and children to privacy in bathrooms, for example — but also to be intolerant of any kind of dissent whatsoever. Because the new demands are so new and strange, and contrary to thousands of years of custom, their advocates cannot stand even the slightest deviation from the new norm. Out of such insecurity comes a need to control and condemn, and to shrink the space of discourse to the point where even one iota of disagreement is equated with bigotry or worse.
There is more.

 The drive to normalize deviancy goes beyond defining deviancy down.  It is a demand for acceptance of  an every expanding deviancy supported by the left.


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