UT Austin ranked number one in US

The University of Texas gets so flooded with applicants every year that there are lawsuits and investigations into its admissions process. There’s more new evidence that all the angst about getting into UT may be worth it, though.

Texas has just been ranked the No. 1 Public University in America, ahead of vaunted schools like the University of Michigan, University of Virginia, UCLA, Cal and yes, Texas A&M University. A&M finishes an impressive 10th itself out of a whopping 1,713 colleges. Which still won’t make any self-respecting Aggie feel better about placing nine spots behind UT.

The new rankings from college review website Niche weigh a number of vital factors, including academics (25 percent of a college’s score), value (25 percent), quality of the school’s professors (10 percent), diversity (7.5 percent) and the quality of student life (7.5 percent). The stats for these rankings were pulled from U.S. Department of Education data.

The University of Texas comes out looking like the valedictorian, receiving an A-plus in academics and nothing lower than an A-minus in any of the other prime categories. It’s good to be a Longhorn.

Texas A&M earns an A-minus in academics and an A-plus in student life in Niche’s ranking, but the College Station school is hurt by its C-plus in diversity. Apparently, no one told the college rankers that College Station’s “The Most Exciting City in Texas.” Supposedly.
The admission scandal is still a scandal.  UT is a first-class institution, and all students should be given a fair shot at getting in.  Giving preferences to friends and family of legislatures is wrong and deprives a better-qualified student of a chance for this top rate education.

BTW, I got my undergraduate and law degree from UT.  I now live about 30 miles from College Station and I am not sure what all the 'excitement" is about.  It is a nice clean town, though.


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