US kills ISIL emir of Iraq for fourth time?

Washington Times:
The Islamic State’s so-called ‘emir’ of Iraq’s volatile Anbar province was killed, along with a number of the group’s top provincial commanders, in a U.S. airstrike the Pentagon confirmed on Monday.

Shaker Wahib al-Fahdawi al-Dulaimi, also known as as Abu Waheeb, was traveling in the Iraqi city of Rutba in Anbar province when his convoy was struck by American aircraft, according to Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook.

Mr. Cook declined to comment whether it was a drone or U.S. warplane that carried out the strike, but he did note Defense Department officials were confident Abu Waheeb was among the dead after the strike.

“In terms of our confidence level, we’re confident that this was a successful strike and I’ll leave it at that,” Mr. Cook said.

Monday’s airstrike was the fourth time in three years Waheeb had been reportedly killed by U.S. or allied forces. However,Monday was the first time Pentagon officials confirmed his death.
The emir had been touted as a replacement for al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIL.  The Pentagon's plan is apparently to keep on killing him til they get right.   The decapitation strikes how done little to thwart ISIL so far.


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