Two papers in one

NY Times:

Victory for Trump Has Some in G.O.P. Bolting

Some Republican operatives are so disgusted with their presumptive nominee that they will support Mrs. Clinton.

G.O.P. Steps Deeper Into the Darkness
Instead of rejecting what Trump stands for, the Republican Party is falling in line behind his nomination.
The latter is an editorial, but there is strong evidence that the first story is more accurate.  If you check some of the posts below you will see several where conservatives are repeating their determination not to support Trump.   I think it is important to deny a mandate to either Trump or Hillary Clinton. It should be done openly and now in order to give Congress a message to oppose whichever one of these two bad candidates might get elected.

To be clear, I support neither one of them.  They both lack the integrity and honesty required for the job.


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