The trouble with Trump is that he has the people skills of Attila the Hun

Chris Cillizza and Aaron Blake:
The 10 Republicans who hate Trump the most, ranked

There's no love lost between the GOP candidate and the Bush family, among other haters.
It was probably difficult to pare their list down to only 10.  The Republican congressional leadership is largely responsible fort the anger that has animated Trump's rise.  They ran on an agenda of stopping Obama and immediately funded all the programs they said they would stop.

Trump generated the animosity by using personal insults and invective to respond to critics.  This appealed to some angry voters but turned others off.  They claim they like him because he is a fighter and will actually fight the Democrat agenda.  I am skeptical that he would.  Many of his positions are more of a bluff than policy.  He reminds me of a football player who gets angry during a game and starts engaging in personal fouls on every play.


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