The left is reducing the number of entry level jobs with their push for higher minimum wage

Leon Wolf:
Here’s a reality that politicians on both sides of the aisle are steadfastly refusing to acknowledge: the world requires less brute human physical human force to function than ever before, and that has significant, far reaching, and irreversible consequences for the labor market. There is absolutely no amount of government action that is going to undo that.

It’s not politically correct to say this, but if you’re making minimum wage, you’re probably doing a job that could be pretty easily replaced by a modern technological innovation. The only thing that prevents your employer for doing this is the one time sunk cost of buying that technology. Your employer most likely has figured out the exact tipping point, salary-wise, that makes buying that robot or computer terminal or whatever worth it – and the more the government forces him to pay you, the more likely your job is to cease to exist.

And thus we see that Wendy’s has announced a massive program to install automated terminals in 6,000 of their restaurants – terminals that won’t walk out of work on random days demanding to be paid $15 an hour.
In some cases, it is just a matter of turning the current order terminals around.  Instead of having a minimum wage employee pushing the correct icon on the terminal, the customer will be doing it and then run is payment through the card reader or use his smartphone to pay for the order.  The customer will then get a receipt with his order number on.


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